Linux Training for Network and Security Managers

introduction to Linux

Basic Linux Use

Linux User Management

Linux File System

Getting Help in Linux System

Text Editor

Business (Process) Management

Search Transactions File System

Package Management System

Service Management

Surveillance System

Crontab - Tasks Timer

Linux Network Management

Advanced Kernel Configuration - Linux sysctl

Bash Script Programming

Linux Log Infrastructure

Linux Security

50 Commands You Need to Know

arp, nslookup, dig, host, wc, ls, mv, rm, cp, lsof, grep, ping, route, head, tail, cat, tar, which, locate, who, top, kill, netstat, ssh, pwd, df, passwd, chmod, chown, find, gzip, ifconfig, last, ps, sudo, traceroute, uname, vi, vmstat ...

10 Important Need to Know File, Directory

/etc/passwd, /etc/syslog.conf, /var/log/messages, /var/log/auth, /var/log/security, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, /etc/profile ...


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